About PMC


We are an independent UK organisation who provide expert programme & project delivery and tailored consulting services to clients around the world.


We are highly experienced in transformational business and technology change and recognised experts at delivering complex, high risk or failing programmes. Throughout all our assignments we focus on skill and knowledge transfer to support sustainable outcomes and the creation of best practice environments.


Our consulting services are focussed around in depth domain expertise and the lifecycle of delivery.  We work collaboratively with our clients teams and their supplier community to deliver specific, high value outputs.


We also provide mentoring and right hand person support to our clients, at all levels.

We take time to understand our clients

We are experts in the industries that our clients operate; but crucially we also ensure that we are completely in tune with our clients business, their products & services, their marketplace, their culture, the capabilities of their people and the political landscape they operate in. 


We are clear about the value we will add

The reason for using our services is always clear, we never do things our clients can do for themselves.  


We focus on benefits and outcomes

The clarity we ensure at the start of any assignment is maintained throughout the lifecycle, this ensures that the achievement of desired outcomes and the realisation of benefits is the key measure of success.

We are proven

We have vast experience and a demonstrable track record of success.  We recognise the commitment our clients make when they use our services and we expect to have to demonstrate our worth.


We are truly independent

Everything we do is driven by what is right for our clients.


Our Team

We have exceptional talent within our company; people who have proven themselves to be amongst the most trusted and valued in their chosen field. We blend them with our clients resources and those of their other suppliers, to create highly effective 'blended' teams that deliver the most efficient, sustainable outcomes possible.

We are compliant

We understand our client’s procurement and finance processes, along with any regulatory obligations and ensure we comply.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"

- Albert Einstein

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